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About the COPE Program

The Weill Cornell Epilepsy Center maintains the New York-Presbyterian philosophy of "We Put Patients First Always" and is dedicated to delivering compassionate quality care. The COPE program was designed as a collaborative model of care with emphasis on establishing an integrated alliance with the medical team, the primary care partner, the patient and the community to ensure optimal management of epilepsy. As a Level 4 epilepsy center, we employ a continuity of care model of treating the individual, recognizing and attending to the daily and lifelong struggles inherent in epilepsy. The COPE program's singular focus is to enhance the quality of life of the individual living with this condition, and to sustain being fully engaged in society and in family life. Chronic conditions necessitate a continuous iterative process of staying informed and involved and feeling empowered to be an active agent of change in one's overall health. The COPE program offers a combination of health information, education, psychosocial support, peer support, wellness initiatives, access to professionals and community resources.

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COPE Program Brochure, Fall 2014

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